Who we are

Safari Icon Travel is an indigenous Kenyan-owned safari and tour company fully registered by the Kenya Registrar of societies and licensed by the Kenya Ministry of Tourism under tour operators. It has its Head office in Nairobi, Valley arcade, and Dhanjay apartments. Our tour programs featured here vary in length and destination visited. This includes a tour for everybody, whether young or old, adventurous or relaxed, and most importantly to suit all budgets.

With our Excellent Experience, knowledge of the country, and reliability we will be delighted to customize your private safari to suit your desire and interest. This kind of tour is completely different from pre-packaged offers and fixed itineraries and hence it will provide a very fulfilling satisfaction on your safari.

From the time of booking to the tour departures, and also bookings, Our specialist will be available to answer all your questions. Once you choose the tour of your choice your tour manager will expertly guide you through each day’s itinerary, with our dedicated and experienced team of staff to handle your reservations and a wide choice of holidays available, you can be assured that your holiday is one of many fond and lasting memories.

We Plan, You Enjoy!